The Lansing Area AIDS Network
913 West Holmes, Suite 115, Lansing, MI 48910
(517) 394-3560


Care Services

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LAAN case managers provide initial and ongoing client needs assessment. They are involved with the development, implementation, and evaluation of health and support service plans; and are also responsible for locating, coordinating, and monitoring cost-effective, timely delivery of quality services. Case managers also act as advocates for clients. They serve as a central point of access for the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS in this region.

The Lansing Area AIDS Network (LAAN) provides a variety of services to persons living with HIV/AIDS in the greater Lansing area. All LAAN services are free.  Funds are limited and are not meant to serve as an ongoing source of support for our clients.  Helping our clients plan for the future and maintain independence is a primary goal of LAAN’s direct assistance programs.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Proof of HIV status.
  • Financial eligibility requirements.
  • LAAN funds are to be considered last resort funding. All other forms of assistance must be explored. Referrals to other service providers must be followed by client. These referrals could include, but are not limited to, Department of Human Services, Drug Assistance Program, American Red Cross, and Capitol Area Community Services.
  • Basic living expenses are higher than income during period for which assistance is being requested.


NOTE:  Guidelines are subject to change.