The Lansing Area AIDS Network
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Clearview® Testing Method

LAAN uses the Clearview HIV ½ Stat-Pak Antibody rapid screening test for the detection of antibodies for HIV-1 and HIV-2.
If you consent to testing, a blood specimen will be collected by a simple finger stick/prick.
The test will take 15 minutes to process. During this time, a counselor will talk with you about ways to reduce your risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.
You will also receive appropriate referrals to agencies that can support risk reduction goals that you have identified.

OraSure® Testing Method

Using the OraSure® HIV-1 Oral Specimen Collection Device is simple. A trained collector will instruct you to place the OraSure® HIV-1 Collection Pad between your lower cheek and gum. OraSure® HIV-1 uses a specially treated cotton fiber pad attached to a nylon stick which is placed between the lower cheek and gum and left for 2-5 minutes, which draws antibodies out of the tissues of the cheek and gum. You will receive your results in one week. As with rapid testing, clients will receive appropriate referrals and support to sustain their risk reduction goals. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the OraSure® Testing Method only for clients 13 years of age and older.